Bookstores Go to the Movies

April 10, 2016

A mashup of movie scenes featuring bookstores. Enjoy!

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Reading While Waiting

March 29, 2016


Most booklovers I’ve met have long since discovered one or more of these ways to eke out a little more reading time in their daily schedules. But it’s handy to see a comprehensive list, compiled approximately a year ago by Cassandra Neace.

Found at a Facebook post by The Goodwill Librarian, via Book Riot

Reading More: A Modest Proposal

March 21, 2016

The Dramatist by Brigit Ganley (1909-2002)

Blogger Shane Parrish has done the math, and here’s his straighforward plan for tackling those Worthy-But-Lengthy Classics many of us booklovers never seem to get around to reading.

Found at the blog Get Old; link posted to Facebook by Atlanta booklover Mary Starck


Another Batch of Gorgeous Libraries

March 6, 2016

Science Library - Germany

Bight Side has posted photos of almost two dozen beautiful libraries throughout the world. Most are the usual suspects, but a few of these you may not have seen photos of before.

Found at Lorraine Fontana’s Facebook Page

Advice for Choosing Books as Gifts

December 14, 2015


Your heeding these caveats might result in a happier recipient of your generous impulse to buy a book to someone on your holiday shopping list.

Found at Book Riot via a Facebook posting by The Goodwill Librarian

Gift Suggestions for Booklovers

December 13, 2015


If you’re stumped on what to give the booklover(s) in your life this holiday season, The Reading Room has rounded up another list of suggestions .


Rich and Famous Authors’ Houses

December 13, 2015

Danielle Steele's house
For a lucky few , the term “starving artist” does not apply. Unfortunately for readers, for most of the owners of these homes, the term “artist” also does not apply. Still, somebody has to live in these swanky places. Might as well be writers!

For photos of houses owned by (mostly dead) writers whose works will probably outlive the modern-day publicity machine, visit the blog Writers’ Houses.

From The Reading Room


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