Photos of More Gobsmackingly Beautiful Libraries

July 21, 2015


This year-old Mental Floss  compilation of 62 buildings from all over the planet is fun to scroll through, especially if you decide to seek out and visit one of them during your next trip to a city where one of these treasures is located.

As with any list of Gorgeous Libraries, readers have augmented this list with additional favorites of their own.

Found via a Facebook posting by retired librarian Tom Budlong 

Bookish Murals

July 13, 2015

Buildings adorned with murals featuring books.

From Flavorwire via The Goodwill Librarian’s Facebook page

Spectacular Libraries Around the World

July 10, 2015


Some of these you have seen already, others you probably haven’t. This particular roundup provides more description of the highlighted libraries’ content and history than most similar surveys.

Posted by Facebook by retired Atlanta librarian Tom Budlong

Ten Books Featuring Libraries or Librarians

May 26, 2015

Woman Studying At Desk In Library

Only ten, but then you only need one you haven’t already read, right? And, unlike some similar lists with more titles, these ten titles are annotated.

Found at The Reading Room; posted on Facebook by The Goodwill Librarian

Finding (More) Time to Read (Books)

April 30, 2015

Spiral Timepiece

“The conditions in which we read today are not those of 50 or even 30 years ago,” says novelist and critic Tim Parks in this excellent article by Oliver Burkman from (as is so often the case with excellent articles) the UK-based Guardian.

In addtion to the sensible (if not unsurprising) suggestions you’ll find in the article, you will discover several other excellent (and several humorous) methods proposed by the article’s readers, so be sure to scroll through those comments also.

Found by Atlanta-based booklover (and habitual Guardian reader) Katharine Suttell

Bad Habits of Many Booklovers

April 25, 2015

Stacks of books

Not that there are only nine, of course, but there are at least nine, according to Bustle blogger Mariana Zepeta.

Found via Book Riot via a Facebook posting by the Goodwilll Librarian

Spectacular U.S. Libraries

April 14, 2015


To mark this year’s National Library Week, CNN recently posted to its website photos of several of the usual suspects, and threw in a few additional not-so-often photographed stunners, like the Iowa State Law Library. Enjoy!

Posted to Facebook by Michael Wilson


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