Independent Bookstore Day

Saturday, April 29th, is the tenth annual Independent Bookstore Day.

Bookstores in Georgia have been celebrating all week with special events and discounts.

Read the details here.


Behold: The Vanity Bookshelf

We’ve all seen those boxes manufactured to resemble books. Many of us booklovers even own a few of these fake books, even if we’ve never gotten around to storing things in them (hidden storage being the ostensible purpose of these book look-alikes).

Many of us have marveled over photos of wallpaper, shower curtains, and bedspreads with images of bookshelves full of books.

And most of us have read about movie propmasters buying “books by the yard” to populate interior scenes of the movies they’re helping to create.

What you might not have known about, however, is that more and more interior designers are being asked by some of their clients to use book collections as props in their houses. Books they’ve never read and never intend to. Or they’re having installed in their houses wall-sized expanses of merely the spines of books rather than actual books.

That bookcase of beautiful vintage books you’re noticing at someone’s fancy house may actually be a facade hiding a Murphy bed!

An article (with numerous photos) published in today’s New York Times calls this decor trend the “fake book” phenomenon.

Read it and weep (or laugh, or admire, or reflect on the persistence of human vanity, or whatever).

Tips on “How to Read Better”

Last October, the New York Times published, for the second time, an article written by xx that describes multiple ways of “improving” or at least adding variety – to one’s reading practices/routines.

The article is wide ranging in the types of recommendations it explores:

  • Choose the Right Book
  • Make a Reading Plan
  • Read More Deeply
  • Read More Critically
  • Explore Different Formats
  • Read More Socially
  • Enhance Your Post-Book Experience

Subscribers to the Times can read the October 2022 article online here.

National Public Radio’s website includes a 2020 list of similar tips for creating a more satisfying reading life.

On the Joys of Reading Slowly

“There is something about churning through books that induces envy and even admiration, never more than at this time of year when piles of finished tomes are splashed across social media. Bragging rights seem to go to those who have read lots of books and read them quickly . . . .”

That’s how journalist Susie Mesure starts out her profile in The Guardian of Princeton professor and Chinese-American author Yiyun Li and Li’s thoughts on the advantages of eschewing the “devouring” of books.

Read Mesure’s article.

Say Hello to “Jesse The Reader”

Jesse The Reader is a book-loving blogger who frequently posts humorous videos about the thoughts that run through his mind on his visits to bookstores, or when he contemplates his reading-related patterns.

For example:

Hyperlinks to all Jesse The Reader’s book/reading-related videos is here. His Facebook page is here.

High Praise for U.S. Public Libraries

Moira Donegan is a U.S.-based reporter for the UK-based newspaper The Guardian. She also volunteers at the New York Public Library’s main branch.

Donegan’s year-end expression of gratitude for public libraries was published yesterday in The Guardian, and is a pleasure to read.

Take a look.

Thanks to Stephanie McCaa, with the Friends of the Ponce Public Library, for providing the link to the story.

Recently Sighted Bookish Quotations

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