Against Scribbling in and/or Highlighting Passages in Books

marginal scribblings

At his excellent blog, “Damian” recently posted a screed against the practice of many readers for annotating their books with highlighters or marginal scribblings. A former offender himself, “Damian” illustrates his current, alternative method of “annotating” his books.

Read “Damian’s” brief, amusing, and persuasive essay here.

Found at the blog “A Sunday of Liberty

Advice from 1790 about How to Sequester Yourself for 42 Days

18th Century Room

Ever heard of the book A Journey Around My Room?

LitHub has posted Will Schwalbe’s account (excerpted from Schwalbe’s Books for Living) about how someone placed under house arrest used his time to write about the contents of his apartment.

Read Schwalbe’s short essay here.

Found at LitHub 

A Photographer’s Take(s) on Reading

Kertesz ON READING CoverMany of us booklovers treasure our copies of Andre Keresz’s famous book of photographs of people reading.

Who knew that all the images in this mesmerizing book are available on the Intertubes?

Click on this link to browse through them.


Link found at Patrick Kurp’s blog Anecdotal Evidence