Books That Mention Other Books

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I don’t know about you, but many of the books I end up tracking down to read I first learn about when their titles are mentioned in other books (or, more recently, blogs) I’m reading.

Some books mention lots of titles. Back in 2017, Emily Temple very helpfully posted to Literary Hub a host of titles alluded to by the characters in twelve books.

You might want to scan the titles mentioned in these twelve books that Emily examined to see which books mentioned you’d like to put onto your personal “Books to Read” list. (Despite the probability that your “Books to Read” list already has plenty o’ titles on it already!)

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How Do You Organize Your Books?

James Dickey's library

An article posted to Literary Hub’s website last year describes how several famous writers organized their home (and/or office) libraries. Who knew there would be so many options?

Read Emily Temple’s intriguing article.

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The (Futile?) Art of Purging One’s Personal Library

Overstuffed Bookcase

Over at The Daily O, a booklover named Sanjay Sipahimalani opines on that inevitable moment – actually, on that series of inevitable moments – in all booklovers’ lives when he/she realizes, with considerable dread, that Something Must Be Done, aka The Absolute Necessity of Getting Rid of Some of These Books.

Read Sanjay’s essay.

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