A Delightful Romp through Pinterest’s Bookish Boards

Girl at Bookshelf imageOver at the always-fabulous Book Riot, Becky Cole has assembled links to  (and helpfully described) 15 collections of bookish images created by bookloving users of the wildly popular – and image-collection site – and notorious time-sink – Pinterest. Readers of Becky’s post provide links to several additional bookish Pinteret collections.

Thank you, Becky, for steering your fellow booklovers toward many hours of pleasant wallowing in such photogenic bibliophilic pastures!

Found posted to Facebook by Eat Sleep Read




Readers in Paintings

Woman Reading PaintingNetherlands-based blogger Bas van Houwelingen is posting images of paintings that depict a person reading (or being read to).

It’s interesting how many painters have rendered this theme in their work…and how beautiful so many of their paintings are.

We like van Houwelingen’s blog, Reading and Art, so much that we’ve added it to our blogroll. Enjoy!

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Friday Fun: More Wonderful Bookish Images

Earlier this month, we provided links to groups of book-themed images posted by various bloggers to Pinterest.

If you missed them, you can find those groups of links here and here.

Lest March pass by without another trove of book-themed images, here’s another: this one consisting mostly of inspiring images of home bookshelves:

More Reading-Related Pinterest Goodness

Earlier this month, we posted a dozen links to several bloggers who’ve used Pinterest to post their favorite images  – phot0s, drawings, paintings, sculptures, quotations, posters, buttons, T-shirts, mugs, jewelry – of books, bookshelves, bookstores, home libraries, reading nooks, people reading, etc.

Here’s a list of additional bloggers with reading-related Pinterest posts that booklovers everywhere will enjoy:

We’re glad to see that Pinterest is turning out to be as rich a resource of bibliophilia images as, say searches of Flikr, Bing, Google, etc. have long been for those of us readers who like to see their passion for books and reading represented visually.


Friday Fun

Several bloggers are using Pinterest to store and display various book-related images (like the one above) that they find in their trips around the World Wide Web.

Our faves:

Take a gander at these collections of wonderful images!

Andre Kertesz’s Classic Photos of Readers

One of the minor epiphanies of every avid reader’s life is stumbling upon, then leafing through – then leafing through again –  the unusual collection of images of readers captured by Hungarian photographer Andre Kertesz.

Kertesz took his photos in many locations over a span of fifty years. The collection On Reading was first published in 1971 by Grossman and was reprinted in 2008 by W.W. Norton.

An exhibit of Kertesz’s images is currently on view in London, and Guardian blogger Blake Morrison posted these comments about it.

If you don’t own your own copy of this strangely compelling book (or plan on visiting London anytime soon), you can borrow a copy from the library. Or you can gaze at an online gallery of some of Kertesz’s images here.