Bookish Quotation du Jour

“You can tell a lot about someone from their bookmarks. For the reader, they perform a vital role. They are guardians standing in the way of threads being lost, plot points missed. They are a fixed point, a sliver of paper lingering in the gulf between what went before and what is yet to come, like some Dickensian ghost. It is not a job to be given lightly, so we choose our bookmarks wisely.”

– Edd McCracken, The Secret Life of Bookmarks

Found at BookRiot via Reading-as-Breathing;
bookmarks by Enthusiastic Artist

What Do You Use for Bookmarks?

Avid readers often keep handy a ready supply of bookmarks (either store-bought or hand-made); others just grab anything suitable within reach when they realize they need one.

A few years ago, the library-organizing outfit called LibraryThing asked its users what they use for bookmarks, and here’s what those readers use.

What do you use?

While we’re on the subject of bookmarks, elsewhere at LibraryThing is a discussion of unusual (and often disgusting) bookmarks people have discovered in library books they’ve borrowed, or inside books they’ve browsed or bought in second-hand bookstores.

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