Dept. of Obscure but Highly Recommended Books…

When we stumbled across the numerous responses to a invitation at TED for its readers to offer titles of “book[s] that never caught on or is out of print, but that resonates so much with people that they can’t forget it,” we were reminded of a this remark made by W.H. Auden (in his essay “Reading,” from The Dyer’s Hand, 1963):  “Some books are undeservedly forgotten; none are undeservedly remembered.” 

Isn’t it reassuring to know that most of the titles posted in the reader’s comments to this TED query are available at…you guessed it, Your Local Public Library? And that if your favorite branch doesn’t own the title that piques your fancy, you can get it – in this case, probably within three days – through placing it on Hold? And that if no library branch in the entire library system owns a copy of that book, that you can obtain it, free of charge, by submitting (via the library system’s website, or in person at any branch), an Interlibrary Loan Request?

Found via Neat New Things I Found This Week