Decatur Book Festival This Weekend!


The 8th annual Decatur Book Festival, one of the largest in the United States, is happening this weekend.  (The photo depicts the festival’s mascot, Bookzilla.)

One of the best things about the DBF is that you need park your car only once – or not at all, if you use MARTA to get to downtown Decatur and back; another Good Thing is that admission to all festival events is free.

The festival takes place all weekend long, so take a look at the festival’s website for a complete listing of festival events.

And don’t forget to make a pit stop at the book sale on the lawn in front of the main library in Decatur, starting at 9am on Saturday, August 31st.


Book Reviewing in the Internet Age

Thus writes David Daley, at The Bronze Medal:
The Internet has been amazing for book talk. There is more of it, and at a higher quality, than perhaps at any other moment, certainly in my lifetime. Dinosaurs love to lament the lost space in newspaper book reviews; a few years ago, the National Book Critics Circle fought, what seemed to me, a self-serving campaign to save the book review, by which a handful of people really wanted to save their right to sell the same lame 450-word book report to a handful of regional dailies. You didn’t have to bother reading the book to write many of those reviews, and as a one-time daily books editor myself, who once assigned reviews to some of those active in this debate, it was clear that many critics did not. Now we have the Rumpus and the Awl and the Millions and the Morning News and Maud Newton and Bookslut and the Nervous Breakdown and Full-Stop and the Los Angeles Review of Books and HTMLgiant and you get the idea. Professional freelancers didn’t save the book review – the battle was won by the Internet and people who love reading. The culture is richer for it.

Summer Sale at Carlos Museum Bookshop

Area booklovers may want to take advantage of a three-day Summer Clearance Sale at Emory University’s Carlos Museum Bookshop. The sale runs Friday, July 17th and Saturday, July 18th from 10am to 6pm, and Sunday, July 19th, noon to 6pm.

All books, jewelry, cards, world music, and other gifts in the bookshop will be discounted 20% for these three days. Museum members and Emory students and staff with ID will get an additional 30% discount off the already-reduced prices of the bargain books located in front of the shop.

For more information, directions, or parking information, phone the bookshop at 404-727-0509 or visit its website.

Contributed by Brent Tozzer