Bookish Words and What They Mean

March 18, 2017


At his blog Book Shelf, Alexander Atkins earlier this month posted a short list – and definitions – of words related to books – in particular, related to the love of books.

Who knew there is a word designating a person who likes to read in bed?

Check out Alexander’s list here.

Found via a comment of Alexander’s at Stephanie Hollmichel’s blog So Many Books

Unusual Bookcases

February 11, 2017


Apartment Therapy searched its archives and found these photos of ten bizarre-looking bookcases.

Some of these bookshelves are as expensive as they are unusual. The bookcase pictured above cost $860. Think how many books that much money would buy!

Found at Apartment Therapy’s Facebook page

Bookish Quotation du Jour

February 7, 2017


Found at BuzzFeed’s Facebook page