More Gorgeous Bookstores to Visit!

If you didn’t catch this slideshow last December, here’s your chance to catch it now: photos of the world’s most beautiful bookstores, published by Architectural Digest at its website.

Photos of some of these bookstores have been featured in previous surveys, but many of them are new to me. It is slightly disturbing that almost all of these places, especially the gigantic ones, are located outside the U.S. – we need stores like this too!

Found at Bookaholics’ Facebook page


Bookish Words and What They Mean


At his blog Book Shelf, Alexander Atkins earlier this month posted a short list – and definitions – of words related to books – in particular, related to the love of books.

Who knew there is a word designating a person who likes to read in bed?

Check out Alexander’s list here.

Found via a comment of Alexander’s at Stephanie Hollmichel’s blog So Many Books