Booklover’s Toolbox

 Updated March 4, 2019

The Toolbox is a work in progress. Your suggestions are welcome.

Alternate History Novels

Audiobooks for Free, Computer Downloadable

Author Blogs, Lists of

Awards and Award-Winners

Bestsellers Lists

Bibliographies, Fiction

Bibliophiles, Gifts for – see Gifts, Literary-Themed

Blogs (Local & Otherwise), Recommended Literary

Book Clubs see Reading Groups

Book Collectors & Collecting*

*Source: “An Alternative List of the Top 20 Sites for Book Collectors

Book Donations

Book Festivals (see Literary Festivals, Local)

Book Price Comparisons

Book Recommendations see Reading Recommendations

Book Rentals by Mail

Book Reviews see Reviews

Book Sales, Local (including sales at local public libraries)

Book Swapping, Free

Book-Themed Gifts – see Gifts, Literary-Themed

Bookchat (Publishing Industry News)


Books for Free, Compter Downloadable (see also Audiobooks for Free, Compter Downloadable)

Note: See also the categorized links at 100 Websites to Download Free Literature and at Free Books: 100 Legal Sites to Download Literature


Bookstores, Local Brick and Mortar

Bookstores, Online

Crime Novel Resources [see also Mystery Novels Resources]


Discussion Groups [see also Reading Groups]

E-Book Price Comparisons

E-Books, Free Downloadable

E-Books, Software for Managing

Event Calendars [see also Bookstores and Literary Festivals]

Exhibits, Online Library – see Library Exhibits, Online

Fantasy Novels

Genre Fiction – see Alternate History Novels, Bibliographies – Fiction, Crime Novels, Fantasy Novels, Historical Fiction, Mystery Novels, Romance Novels, Science Fiction Novels

Gifts and Gadgets for Book Lovers

Graphic Novels

Historical Fiction

Home Libraries (see also Bookshelves)

Horror Fiction

Landmarks & Pilgrimage Sites (Local and Otherwise)

 Libraries, Local

Academic Libraries:

Public Libraries:

Special Libraries:

Library Exhibits, Online

Library Locators

Literary Calendars, Factoids, and Oddities

Literary Festivals

Literary Festivals, Local

Literary Pilgrimages – see Landmarks and Literary Pilgrimages

Literary-Themed Gifts see Gifts, Literary-Themed

Movies Based on Books

Mystery Novel Resources [see also Crime Novel Resources]

Neglected Books

New Book Release Alerts

Pilgrimage Sites – see Landmarks and Literary Pilgrimage Sites



Radio Programs

Reading Groups, Online; Reading Group Resources

Reading Recommendations

Reference Sources

Reviews [sources other than those covered by the Book Blogs Search Engine]

Romance Novels

Science Fiction Novels [see also Alternate History Novels]

Selling Used Books

Social Networks (Title Recommendations, Book Discussions, Blogs, and Book Inventory Software)

Televison Programs

Video Trailers for Books

Sources consulted to create the listings in the Booklover’s Toolbox include:


12 thoughts on “Booklover’s Toolbox

  1. Nice to find you!

    Do you mind adding me to your blog list? Also, how many of these are local? I’m familiar with Bookslut, but she’s not from around here, is she? I’ve been wanting to get a group of Atlanta book bloggers together, if there’s enough of us to make it worth it! 😉

    • No, Bookslut is not local. You’re certainly welcome to add the Atlanta Booklover’s Blog to your blogroll – and thanks for doing that! Let me know if you manage to round up all the local bookbloggers, so we can become aware of each others’ efforts!

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