Bookends for . . . an Entire Bookcase?

We’ve seen photos of some interesting bookends in our time, but this is a first for us: a set of bookends for an entire bookcase!

Leave it to enthusiastic artists of Europe’s the rococo era to come up with such an ornament!

This creation can be found in Bavaria’s Abbey of Wadsassen, and was installed during the 1820’s.

Found at the Facebook page of Ancient Wonders of Archeology, Art History, and Architecture, February 8, 2022


“The Credibility Bookcase” is Apparently a Thing These Days

Bookcase backdrop

When the Covid-19 pandemic pushed so many people into working from home, the number of interviews and presentations filmed in people’s homes – via the cameras connected to their home computers or cell phones – grew astronomically.

Suddenly, it became important for interviewees (experts, reporters, politicians, etc.) to consider the effect the background for their interviews might have on their credibility. Bookcases – rather than, say, a blank wall – have become de rigeur for most talking heads these days.

Bookshelves have always figured as status-markers for some people; in the Internet Age, they also function, for some viewers anyway, as credibility-enhancers – or credibility-deflators.

Amanda Hess at the New York Times posted yesterday her story reviewing the various permutations of this Zoom-era phenomenon. Read Hess’s fascinating (and link-filled) analysis here.

Thanks to librarian colleague Karen Skellie for alerting me to this article