It’s OK to Own Books You Haven’t (Yet) Read


An argument for feeling OK about all – well, at least some – of the books you’ve bought but haven’t read.

This article was first published at Inc., then again at Fast Company

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Beware of Simplistic Formulas for “Decluttering” Your Bookshelves!

cozy library

So what if a particular book doesn’t (to borrow an injunction from a popular de-cluttering guide) “spark joy.”

Books are not mere objects. If you believe that, then you can’t treat them as such when it comes to purging your personal collection of books.

Read one journalist’s hilariously-written objections to the philosophy of treating books as mere objects. Her article appeared recently in The Guardian.

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Downsizing When You Own 35,000 Books

Alberto Manguel photo

What’s it like to move from a home with thousands of books to a “small apartment”?

Famous book lover (and book writer) Alberto Manguel knows, and this past summer he explained to an ABC reporter what that feels like – and how he came to own so many books, despite the fact that he works in a library.

Read the story from ABC’s website.

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Two Dozen Ideas for Home Bookshelves


Some of these 24 ideas posted by BuzzFeed for shelving books at home have been posted before, some are downright dreadful-looking, and all of them look fairly pricey. But – hey – there’s no harm in looking, right? Maybe you could adapt one or more of these ideas in a more affordable form?

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A Gallery of Window Seats


Although I’ve never found window seats comfortable myself (at least, not since I was a kid), window reading nook photos are always so attractive-looking!

If you’ve always hankered after installing one of these in your home, Onekindesign has posted photos of 35 different examples to inspire you.

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