Bookends for . . . an Entire Bookcase?

We’ve seen photos of some interesting bookends in our time, but this is a first for us: a set of bookends for an entire bookcase!

Leave it to enthusiastic artists of Europe’s the rococo era to come up with such an ornament!

This creation can be found in Bavaria’s Abbey of Wadsassen, and was installed during the 1820’s.

Found at the Facebook page of Ancient Wonders of Archeology, Art History, and Architecture, February 8, 2022


Cool Bookends

Those of us who haven’t thrown out all our books since the advent of the Kindle, the Nook, and its ilk are fully aware that the possession of numerous sets of bookends – homemade or store-bought (and usually some of each) – are part of the required equipment of the dedicated booklover.

Before the Internet Era, finding unusual bookends was a relatively rare occurence. Nowadays, photos of unusual bookends are posted to the biblioblogosphere with satisfying regularity. For example, Flavorwire recently posted these ten sets of unusual-looking bookends.

Found via the New Yorker’s Book Bench