More Gift Ideas for Booklovers

The UK-based website For Reading Addicts sells a variety of drool-worthy bookish products.

For sale are all sorts of book-themed clothing and household items – everything from scarves to coffee/tea mugs to shower curtains. And of course, times being what they are, book-themed face masks.

The shipping charges for U.S. customers make purchasing some of these products a bit pricey for some of us, but you might take a gander at For Reading Addicts if you’re searching for ideas for gifts for a bookloving friend (or, of course, for yourself).


A Clever – and Practical – Use for No-Longer-Needed Cookbooks?

Of the writing of cookbooks there is no end; ditto the collecting of cookbooks – and the resulting inevitable culling of cookbooks you no longer have space for.

This appealing idea for the bookish person’s home kitchen doesn’t require the do-it-yourselfer to use only cookbooks. As shown in this photo, you could use any books that – for whatever reason and about any subject – you no longer need.

This idea might be especially appealing to those of us book-loving amateur cooks who are wondering whether or not, in an age where recipes can be found online and printed out as needed, it may be time to radically reduce the number of cookbooks in our homes.

Instructions for making this upscaling project are here.

Found via Pinterest

20 Nifty Bookmarks You Can Purchase

Although there’s really no reason to buy bookmarks for oneself – there are so many things around most people’s houses one can use – there may be a booklover in your life you might want to buy a fancier-than-absolutely-necessary bookmark for.

Biblioblogger and bibliopodcast creator Anne Bogel recently posted to her blog “Modern Mrs. Darcy” a roundup of 20 unusual bookmarks. Some of them are a bit pricey, but, hey, there’s no danger in at least taking a gander at them all.

Incidentally, having just completed reading Bogel’s excellent 2018 book I’d Rather Be Reading: The Delights and Dilemmas of the Reading Life, I’ve added a link to Bogel’s blog to the Atlanta Booklover’s Blog’s blogroll so you can conveniently find it.

Facemasks for Booklovers?

The American Library Association is selling an assortment of reading-themed face masks.

The five masks on offer seem rather pricey at either $15 or $16, but the proceeds from the sale do go to a good cause: ALA’s advocacy programs for libraries and library users. So one of these masks might be a great gift for a bookloving friend with an upcoming birthday. Just sayin’…

Take a gander at the masks.

You can order one of these masks here.

Found via fellow Atlanta librarian retiree Karen Skellie