Bookends for . . . an Entire Bookcase?

We’ve seen photos of some interesting bookends in our time, but this is a first for us: a set of bookends for an entire bookcase!

Leave it to enthusiastic artists of Europe’s the rococo era to come up with such an ornament!

This creation can be found in Bavaria’s Abbey of Wadsassen, and was installed during the 1820’s.

Found at the Facebook page of Ancient Wonders of Archeology, Art History, and Architecture, February 8, 2022


More Visit-Worthy Libraries


Oxford University’s Bodlean Library is among those that BookishBuzz recently christened as “12 of the World’s Most Beautiful Libraries.”

Two similar lists (featuring library interiors only) were also published recently:

Photos of gorgeous libraries are posted to the Internet so frequently that I may need to stop re-posting them here, lest the Atlanta Booklover’s Blog become merely a compedium of such lists! Especially since so many of these photo collections tend to contain The Usual Suspects. 

On the other hand, most of us bibliophiles find it so thrilling to see, over and over again, the insides and/or the outsides of some libraries that I may find myself unable to resist posting yet another link to yet another collection of “beautiful library” photos!



Photos of More Gobsmackingly Beautiful Libraries


This year-old Mental Floss  compilation of 62 buildings from all over the planet is fun to scroll through, especially if you decide to seek out and visit one of them during your next trip to a city where one of these treasures is located.

As with any list of Gorgeous Libraries, readers have augmented this list with additional favorites of their own.

Found via a Facebook posting by retired librarian Tom Budlong