A Sampling of Italy’s Gorgeous Libraries

June 19, 2017

Laurentian Library

A recent article in the New York Times describes its writer’s visits to several famous (pre-modern) libraries in Venice, Rome, and Florence. Booklovers traveling to those cities in Italy might will find the links at the end of the article helpful in planning their own pilgrimages to these beautiful spaces.

Contributed by booklover Peg Kirkpatrick



More Gorgeous Libraries to Visit!

May 31, 2017

gorgeous libraries via BookishBuzz

Photos of several libraries I don’t remember being included in previous roundups of gorgeous libraries located in Europe – along with photos of gorgeous libraries that are almost always featured in such surveys.

Found via BookishBuzz’s Facebook page

More Visit-Worthy Libraries

November 8, 2016


Oxford University’s Bodlean Library is among those that BookishBuzz recently christened as “12 of the World’s Most Beautiful Libraries.”

Two similar lists (featuring library interiors only) were also published recently:

Photos of gorgeous libraries are posted to the Internet so frequently that I may need to stop re-posting them here, lest the Atlanta Booklover’s Blog become merely a compedium of such lists! Especially since so many of these photo collections tend to contain The Usual Suspects. 

On the other hand, most of us bibliophiles find it so thrilling to see, over and over again, the insides and/or the outsides of some libraries that I may find myself unable to resist posting yet another link to yet another collection of “beautiful library” photos!



Visit-Worthy Libraries

August 10, 2016

Ottawa Parliament Library

BuzzFeed recently posted photos of all The Usual Suspects, plus several I’d never seen photos of before. Enjoy all 49 photos!

Found via The Goodwill Librarian’s Facebook Page

Another Batch of Gorgeous Libraries

March 6, 2016

Science Library - Germany

Bight Side has posted photos of almost two dozen beautiful libraries throughout the world. Most are the usual suspects, but a few of these you may not have seen photos of before.

Found at Lorraine Fontana’s Facebook Page

Photos of More Gobsmackingly Beautiful Libraries

July 21, 2015


This year-old Mental Floss  compilation of 62 buildings from all over the planet is fun to scroll through, especially if you decide to seek out and visit one of them during your next trip to a city where one of these treasures is located.

As with any list of Gorgeous Libraries, readers have augmented this list with additional favorites of their own.

Found via a Facebook posting by retired librarian Tom Budlong 

Spectacular Libraries Around the World

July 10, 2015


Some of these you have seen already, others you probably haven’t. This particular roundup provides more description of the highlighted libraries’ content and history than most similar surveys.

Posted by Facebook by retired Atlanta librarian Tom Budlong