Bookish Quotation du Jour


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Another Bookish Quotation for Today


“Books don’t make people good. Lots of terrible and mediocre people read (and write). Books aren’t medicine. They fix nothing. Good books ask little and repay us with enjoyment and endurance.”

– Patrick Kurp, from a blogpost at his blog Anecdotal Evidence

[Ilustration: The Open Door by Peter Vilhelm Ilsted (Danish artist, 1861-1933)]

A Booklover’s Attachment to His Books


Confirmed booklover Patrick Kurp, a prolific and articulate blogger, writes at Anecdotal Evidence:

“We live autobiographically through our books,…and we don’t feel the same way about our furniture or neckties. More than an aggregation of paper and ink, our books constitute a surrogate self; sculpted, not merely accreted, a whole reassuringly greater than its parts.”

Amen to that.

Read the rest of Patrick’s thoughtful reverie on the inevitable fate of every personal library.

Spying on Other People’s Bookshelves


From Theodore Dalrymple’s The Pleasure of Thinking: A Journey Through the Sideways Leaps of Ideas (Gibson Square Books, 2012):

“I know many people who, when they enter a house for the first time, are inclined (even if they control themselves) to go straight up to the bookshelves to find out what their hosts are made of: for taste is a more reliable guide to character than opinion. I am like this: I control myself, but in a room with a substantial number of books I feel a tension mounting in myself until I have found out what they are. Indeed, I often fake or manufacture a reason for sidling up to them, and examining them out of the corner of my eye.”

Quoted by Patrick Krup at his blog Anecdotal Evidence