Bookish Quotation du Jour

February 3, 2017


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Things Bibliophiles are Wont to Do

January 24, 2017

BuzzFeed Books has posted to the Intertubes this delightful video of things every booklover will instantly recognize as What We Do As a Matter of Course. Enjoy!

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Where We Read

January 8, 2017


Over at Literary Hub, booklover Michele Filgate notes that no matter what we read, or when, or why, we always do our best reading in very specific places. Often even in very specific postures.

Filgate muses on the significance of where she does her own best reading. She also quotes several other booklovers on their own conclusions about this inescapable but underdiscussed matter.


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Reading Books May Lengthen Your Life

January 4, 2017

Elderly man with beard and hat reading in a park

According to a study published in September 2016, people who read books – not newspapers, not magazines, but books – lived for an average of almost two years longer than those who didn’t. The study involved over 3,000 retirees and was conducted by researchers at Yale University.

Found at The Week, December 10, 2016, page 26


“There Will Always Be Bookstores…”

November 10, 2016


Thus writes one bookstore owner, at a post published today at Literary Hub.

Well, this is certainly something Fondly To Be Wished. However, the more worrisome worry is not that all bookstores might eventually disappear, but that too many towns and cities have not a single bookstore any longer – and/or a critical mass of avid readers that would allow such a store (especially an independently-owned one) to thrive.

Pre-21st Century, many U.S. towns had one or more bookstores, and most of them were independently owned. Nowadays, an avid reader of printed books counts himself/herself lucky if he/she is within driving distance of a bookstore chain “outlet.”

So the larger hope is not that whatever bookstores (independently-owned or otherwise) remaining in U.S. towns and cities will be able to continue operating, but that more such stores in more places will be able to thrive again.

For that to happen, it will be necessary for there to be a critical mass of avid readers who can afford to buy, and prefer to buy, printed (vs. screen-readable-only) books.

In the meantime, we are glad that avid readers living in bookstore-less environments can – assuming they can afford it – at least obtain, via online vendors, any book they’ve found they’ve found that they want to read. (Those avid readers who cannot afford to obtain books this way, or who don’t own computers to order them with, can usually borrow any printed book from their local public library’s free Interlibrary Loan Service). The irony, of course, being that the book someone is certain they want to read is unlikely to have been discovered by that reader via browsing in a local bookstore!

At any rate, it is difficult to imagine a U.S. town with Too Many Bookstores. We can hope, like the author of this article, that bookstore-operating will at some point become a viable profession once again – and in far more places in this country than it currently is.

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More Visit-Worthy Libraries

November 8, 2016


Oxford University’s Bodlean Library is among those that BookishBuzz recently christened as “12 of the World’s Most Beautiful Libraries.”

Two similar lists (featuring library interiors only) were also published recently:

Photos of gorgeous libraries are posted to the Internet so frequently that I may need to stop re-posting them here, lest the Atlanta Booklover’s Blog become merely a compedium of such lists! Especially since so many of these photo collections tend to contain The Usual Suspects. 

On the other hand, most of us bibliophiles find it so thrilling to see, over and over again, the insides and/or the outsides of some libraries that I may find myself unable to resist posting yet another link to yet another collection of “beautiful library” photos!



Visit-Worthy Libraries

August 10, 2016

Ottawa Parliament Library

BuzzFeed recently posted photos of all The Usual Suspects, plus several I’d never seen photos of before. Enjoy all 49 photos!

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