So Many Books, So Little Time

March 22, 2017

Books and hourglass

If you haven’t already realized that during your lifetime you will manage to read only an infinitesimal portion of the books available to read, you might – if you want to get really depressed – take a look at these calculations 0ver at Literary Hub.

Found via Literary Hub’s Facebook page


Bookish Words and What They Mean

March 18, 2017


At his blog Book Shelf, Alexander Atkins earlier this month posted a short list – and definitions – of words related to books – in particular, related to the love of books.

Who knew there is a word designating a person who likes to read in bed?

Check out Alexander’s list here.

Found via a comment of Alexander’s at Stephanie Hollmichel’s blog So Many Books

Bookish Sentiment du Jour

March 9, 2017

tea and books poster

Found via Bookish Buzz‘s Facebook page

Great Bookshelf Ornament!

February 19, 2017


Gail Sisolak, who writes the delightful (if rather cat-photo-heavy) blog Wrote Trips, posted this photo on her     Facebook page; I don’t know where she found it.

But isn’t it wonderful?


Unusual Bookcases

February 11, 2017


Apartment Therapy searched its archives and found these photos of ten bizarre-looking bookcases.

Some of these bookshelves are as expensive as they are unusual. The bookcase pictured above cost $860. Think how many books that much money would buy!

Found at Apartment Therapy’s Facebook page

Bookish Quotation du Jour

February 7, 2017


Found at BuzzFeed’s Facebook page

Two Dozen Ideas for Home Bookshelves

February 5, 2017


Some of these 24 ideas posted by BuzzFeed for shelving books at home have been posted before, some are downright dreadful-looking, and all of them look fairly pricey. But – hey – there’s no harm in looking, right? Maybe you could adapt one or more of these ideas in a more affordable form?

Found on BuzzFeed’s Facebook page