The Atlanta Booklover’s Blog is an experiment in trying to make it a bit easier for fellow booklovers to share information about their love of reading.

Cal Gough is an Atlanta-based librarian who retired in 2012 as the manager of a branch of the Atlanta-Fulton Public Library System, where he worked in a variety of roles for over thirty years. Now Cal can (theoretically) devote more time to posting information and images of interest to booklovers!

The story behind the blog, which Cal started in 2009, can be found in an interview with Cal that fellow biblioblogger Alex Atkins posted to his blog, Atkins Bookshelf, on February 3, 2020; you can read that interview here.

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The material posted to this blog comes mainly from other excellent “biblioblogs.” You’ll find links to most of these sources in the blogroll displayed in one of the sections of the side-bar on the right-hand side of the blog.

You are also invited to submit material for posting to the blog – including bookish quotations or additional links to online resources for bibliophiles – and to submit comments.

  • To submit an item for the blog, please email Cal at calgough@bellsouth.net (Note: The email address in the WordPress profile is no longer working – it was my email address at work – and, unfortunately, WordPress won’t allow me to replace that obsolete email address with my current one.)
  • To respond to a particular blogpost, click on the COMMENTS link at the end of that blogpost (or, if your comment is the first one, click on the LEAVE A COMMENT link). Your comment will (as soon as I can review it) be appended to the entry; you and others can read your comment by clicking on the COMMENTS link.

Happy reading!


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  1. I was at the library the other day picking up books on hold for me when I noticed a handout about the Atlanta Booklover’s Blog. I asked the Librarian who was checking me out “How did the blog know that Ponce was the Library I went to because it always tells me about the new books that have arrived here.” He said the Blog was written at Ponce and he was the Blogmaster!!

    I really love this blog and read it all the time and it makes me proud that our local branch it taking the lead in putting together such an excellent resource for those of us who love to read. I hope it will expand city wide so that readers at other branches can have access to its general content (e.g. Booklovers Toolbox,Bookish Quotes, etc) and also see what is new at their own local libraries.

    So, Thank you, Thank you Mr. Blogmaster and the Ponce Library staff – this blog and the Internet based book hold system are two of my favorite things about living in Atlanta. Now I am off to reserve a book I just read about here!

  2. What a great idea! We need something like this to unite the many booklovers in our neighborhood. I will be reading regularly.

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