Manhattan for Booklovers

Booklovers planning a trip to New York City will find plenty of bookish pilgrimage sites there; the problem may be finding enough time to get to them all, along with all the other, less bookish places you’re likely to have on your to-see list.

Utah-based fellow biblioblogger Rachel, aka The Booklist Queen, has put together a short list of must-visit sites for bookloving travelers to New York City. Read her excellent guide here.


Travel Destinations for Booklovers

Many booklovers have heard of Hay-on-Wye, the first and most famous “book town,” and many of us have even managed to travel there to revel in Hay’s atmospheric, book-besotten fabulosity.

But who knew there are enough bookstore-concentrated towns on the planet now to support an international organization of such places?

Before planning their vacation trips, booklovers might want to scan the membership list of the International Organization of Book Towns to see if there’s a book town in the vicinity of their vacation destination. (Wikipedia also contains a list of book towns.)

These two resources are mentioned in a January 2020 article by Jennifer Nalewiki at Smithsonian Magazine’s website.

Gaining Entry to LC’s Main Reading Room


There are few booklovers who wouldn’t find absolutely thrilling – and certainly worth the trouble to arrange – the experience of sitting down in the Library of Congress’ Main Reading Room, even if it means inventing up a bit of research (or faux research) to justify doing so.

True, any casual visitor to the Libary of Congress can peer down into the awe-inspiring Reading Room from a glass-walled public gallery far above the room, but that’s different than actually sitting down for a spell at one of the Reading Room desks.

At Book Riot, Becky Cole tells you how to actually get in there next time you visit Washington, DC.

And, speaking of visits to DC, Rachel Manwill – also at Book Riot – previously posted a booklover’s guide to that city.