“There Will Always Be Bookstores…”


Well, this is certainly Fondly To Be Wished!

The rationale for one bookstore owner’s faith in the longevity of his store (and his industry) was posted today at Literary Hub.

I for one never doubted that all bookstores would eventually vanish. My worry (observation?) is that there seem to be increasingly fewer numbers of local communities of avid readers that are necessary for bookstore to thrive. Part of the marvel of the pre-21st Century bookstore landscape was how most locations had a local – and an independently-owned bookstore. Nowadays one counts oneself fortunate to be withing driving (vs. walking or biking) distance of a chain bookstore. Ironically, would-be patrons of our country’s far-t00-numerous bookstore-less locales can at least obtain from online vendors the books they know they want to read. A further irony, however: that want-to-read book is no longer likely to have been discovered by browsing in a bookstore!

Whatever. What’s clear is that it’s very difficult for any but the smallest town to end up with Too Many Bookstores – thus any news, or anyone’s expectations, that there may be more bookstores (or a slowing down in the rate of closing ones) in our respective local futures is welcome news.

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