In Praise of Independent Bookstores

Bookstore Indie

Over at Front Porch Republic, blogger Tara Ann Thieke recently waxed poetic about the joys of browsing in non-chain-owned bookstores. Sure, lots of people have written tributes to bookstores, but Thieke’s essay is better-written, more comprehensive – and longer – than most. Worth the read!

After writing her essay, Thieke soon followed it with her annotated list of her favorite U.S. independent bookstores. Her list of 30 stores is decidedly not confined to the numerous independent worthies located in New England – or, for that matter, on the East Coast. It’s an admittedly idiosyncratic list, but her annotations will make you want to investigate any bookstores she mentions that happen to be within traveling distance for you – assuming, of course, you aren’t already familiar with it/them. Also worth the read.

Found via Patrick Kurp’s blog Anecdotal Evidence

Author: Cal Gough

Cal Gough is a retired librarian who formerly managed a branch of the Atlanta-Fulton County Library System.

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