Featured Bibliosite: The Yellow Library

IMG_4503 Yellow Library Reading Area-new

It was over five years ago that I first stumbled onto a fellow booklover’s step-by-step account of how she and her husband (who live in the Philippines) turned an empty room in their abode into an attractive and inviting home library.

At the time, I left a comment on Wanda’s blog, promising to post a link at The Atlanta Booklover’s Blog to her charming and excellently documented saga.

Reader, I forgot to do that!

This morning, I serendipitously re-stumbled upon Wanda’s blogpost and I am hereby belatedly (to put it mildly!) making good on my original resolve to showcase Wanda’s do-it-yourself home library creation project.

Five years later, Wanda is still blogging about her bookloving activities. She regularly posts photos and reviews of various bookish products – nifty bookmarks, reading-themed jewelry, etc.- as well as (among other things) reviews of the books she’s finished reading.

Thanks again, Wanda, for your excellent blogpost about how one booklover created a bright, comfy reading spot  – and Long Live The Yellow Library!


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