Bookish Quote du Jour

I am no fan of Joseph Epstein – his dismissive attitudes of other writers and his gratuitous (and suspiciously frequent) disparagement of gay people prevent that – but the man can certainly write well:

“What, you might wonder, do I do with all the time I don’t spend in endless swamp of ephemeral news? Well, I’ve made a little rediscovery of a marvelous invention called books, which I’m told are going out of style but which give a satisfaction much deeper than any other means of communication I know. You might want to turn off your computer, trash your newspaper, flick off your television, and give them a shot.”

Source: “What I Read,” The Atlantic (August 25, 2010), quoted by the Conyers, Georgia-based Michael Gilleland in his endlessly fascinating blog Lauditor Temporis Acti.


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