The Book as a One-Trick Pony

reading-onlineExcerpt from an article published last spring by the Irish Times:

“…When I read a [printed, vs. a screen-based] book that is all I am doing. It is a single-purpose piece of technology. It will not ring. It will not beep. It will not remind you of messages received or apps updated. It will not be merely another layer of information remporarily surfacing over strata of email browsers, web pages,…[Internet games,]…iTunes, Flipboard, Facebook, Twitter, Pjnterest, YouTube, Vimeo, Google Maps, Google Earth, Google Sky, push notifications and other downloaded books you bought and feelt guilty for not reading. With a physical book the only competing windows are the ones offering a view outside of the train carriage….Do books read better on paper compared with on screen? No. But there is a purity to a physical book, a focus to the act and a simplicity to the technology that confirm its dual benefit: as an escape into fiction and as a refuge from the torrent of fact.”

Source: Shane Hegarty, “Check Out This Brilliant Technology. It’s Called a ‘Book'” by Shane Hegarty. Irish Times, May 18, 2013. [No link provided here because the article is hidden behind a pay wall.]

Contributed by retired librarian Blanche Farley
via a clipping provided by working librarian Anne Salter


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