Bookish Quotation du Jour

Conyers, Georgia-based “antediluvian, bibliomaniac, and curmudgeon” blogger Michael Gilleland recently posted this wonderful image and this wonderful quotation at the wonderful Laudator Temporis Acti:

“[T]here is nothing more fit to be looked at than the outside of a book. It is, as I may say from repeated experience, a pure and unmixed pleasure to have a goodly volume lying before you, and to know that you may open it if you please, and need not open it unless you please. It is a resource against ennui, if ennui should come upon you. To have the resource and not to feel the ennui, to enjoy your bottle in the present, and your book in the indefinite future, is a delightful condition of human existence.”

The quotation is from Thomas Love Peacock’s Crochet Castle (1831). The painting is Claude Raguet Hirst’s Companions (c. 1895)


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