Do E-Books Make Printed Books Obsolete?

A group of film students in Canada created this 25–minute video EPILOGUE: The Future of Print, basing it on interviews with several Toronto-based bookstore owners and others involved in the selling, designing, and printing of books (the non-electronic kind).

The film footage itself isn’t exceptional, but you will probably take heart from the plausible rationales offered by the various interviewees for why they think the printed page will easily survive the invention of digitized books.

Found at Shelf Awareness


One Response to Do E-Books Make Printed Books Obsolete?

  1. Veejay Gupta says:

    ebooks are really bad for nonfiction reading when there are photos, maps, charts, etc. I just finished a novel on my ereader that featured a photograph of a handwritten letter that was crucial to the narrative, and it was all but illegible. The technology isn’t quite there yet. Plus I look with envy at air travelers who are allowed to read their books at take-off and landing when I have to power down my electronic device.

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