Instead of Fewer Printed Books, More of Them?

Wired columnist Clive Thompson snorts at the notion that the printed book is going the way of the dinosaurs.

True, the e-book has been invented and is making major inroads into how (and what) people read. But also on the rise is another invention: machines that can preoduce reasonably-priced books-on-demand. This latter invention, Thompson believes, will result in far more printed books in the future instead of fewer ones.

An excerpt from Thompson’s essay:

Will the e-book kill off the print book? Every time I hear that question, I think about the ‘paperless office.’ Back in the ’80s, the rise of word processors and e-mail convinced a lot of people that paper would vanish. Why print anything when you could simply squirt documents around electronically?

We all know how that turned out….

Read Thompson’s essay, posted last December at Wired.


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