Disappointment Over the Pulitzer’s Non-Award for Fiction

Bestselling author – and bookstore owner – Ann Patchett is displeased with the Pulitzer Prize board’s refusal to announce earlier this week a winner of its annual prize for fiction. Read Patchett’ss New York Times op ed.

And National Public Radio’s coverage of the non-award – including a conversation with one of the disappointed fiction judges –  is here.

Found via Early Word


One Response to Disappointment Over the Pulitzer’s Non-Award for Fiction

  1. Madigan says:

    Unbelievable, and irresponsible of the Pulitzer award judges! At least, last year, when the jurors chose not to award a winner for the Schneider book award, for disability fiction for children — that made SOME kind of sense. It’s a somewhat obscure topic. Those items that are published are frequently sub-par, particularly the illustrations, and particularly those submissions from “indie” presses. It was a shocking slap in the face and a challenge to publishers to do better in this overlooked category.

    But no Pulitzer fiction award??? Wha?? That doesn’t even make sense! Amongst everything, anything published last year, nothing made the grade? No, sir. I can not believe it. I refuse to believe it. To me, that sounds like nothing else but judges who are too lazy or too cowardly to pick a winner. Lame.

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