Gorgeous Hotel Library

It’s a library! No, it’s a hotel! Wait, it’s both! Gladstone’s Library is in Wales, and Gladstone himself helped stock its shelves.

Found via Departures via Book Patrol


One Response to Gorgeous Hotel Library

  1. All oak. With very simple rebated strips to adjust the shelf height. The beauty (apart from the books, of course) is in the wonderful design. I can only imagine the ground floor support pillars are pig iron clad in oak. The weight of the books would be extremly tricky for timber supports. That said, just look at the light as it enters – plenty for all to read by. The designer should get a mention somewhere, as the frame sometimes makes the picture. Wonderful work. I hesitate to say something as strong as “I will go there” and leave a hostage to fortune, but I certainly want to.

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