Franzen Praises Printed Books, Disparages E-Books. Some Readers Promptly Disparage Franzen

In a recent interview with The Telegraph, bestselling author Jonathan Franzen added his voice to the chorus of authors denouncing e-books.

Some of the readers of the interview have posted comments noting the irony that some of Franzen’s popularity (and personal wealth) has resulted from his books being available in e-book format. Other readers have posted some never-before-mentioned (or seldom mentioned) circumstances where owning e-books over printed books would definitely be A Good Thing.

And more than one commentator mentions that the machine-readable vs. eyeball-readable debate is not an either/or question, but an it-depends-on-the-reader’s-circumstances question.

Which is pretty much what Jonathan Segura writes, over on one of NPR’s blogs. (Readers’ comments on that statement are also interesting.)

Found via The New Yorker’s Book Bench


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