No Time for Reading?

From Better Than Life by Dan Pennac (pages 145-147):

…No one has the time to read. Children don’t, teenagers don’t, adults don’t. Life is a perpetual plot to keep us from reading….

Time spent reading is always time stolen. Like time spent writing, or loving, for that matter….

Time spent reading, like time spent loving, increases our lifetime.

If we were to consider love from the point of view of our schedule, who would bother? Who among us has the time to fall in love? Yet have you ever seen someone in love not take the time to love?

I’ve never had the time to read. But no one has ever kept me from finishing a novel I loved. …

The issue is not whether or not I have the time to read (after all, no one will ever give me that time), but whether I will allow myself the joy of being a reader.


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