“If It Ain’t Broke…”

From Susan Hill’s memoir, Howards End Is on the Landing: A Year of Reading from Home (page 87):

 “It ain’t broke: the book, that is. I know because I just went round the house looking for something to read, and on the way I reassured myself that as the book ain’t broke around here, I do not propose to fix it with an electronic reader. Yes, let’s use the whole word. Let’s tell it like it is. Electronic reader. Something monotonous-looking and made of plastic, is grey and has a screen…I will stick to paper and print and pages for reading books. If it ain’t broke. Of course, someone wants to persuade us that it is so that they can sell us their device. ‘Twas ever thus.” 

Note to our readers: Somehow we missed the news of this book when it was published a year ago this month. We’ve duly added it to the blog’s list of Books about Books.

Found at Citizen Reader


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