Indie Booksellers to Share Lists of Their Favorite Books

Every day for the next two months or so, Hans Weyandt, the co-owner of a bookstore in St. Paul, Minnesota, will be posting to his blog a different list of 50 favorite books complied by some other independently-owned bookstore owner. (So far, Weyandt’s received lists from booksellers in over 17 different states.)

Weyandt has already posted his own Top 50 list, and together with the additional lists he’ll be posting daily, his readers will end up with well over a thousand titles of highly-recommended personal favorite titles from people who’ve read a lot of books in their time. Eventually, Weyandt will be posting a list of most-frequently-recurring titles from these lists, but in the meantime, you might want to chek Weyandt’s blog from time to time if you’re in need of some recommended titles of your next read.

Scanning down Weyandt’s list, we see among some familiar titles a lot of others we’ve never heard of, but the fact that all the titles are favorites make this unusual set of lists quite intriguing.

Found via Shelf Awareness



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