How Much Time Each Day Do You Spend Reading?

Software developer and author Tim Patrick, aka The Well-Read Man, recently posted some summary data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics’ periodic survey of how Americans spend their time.

Among the findings that Tim noticed: 

  •  “On average, out of about five-plus hours of leisure time available to each person each day, Americans are reading around 20, maybe 25 minutes. This includes all forms of leisure reading, including magazines, blogs, and the backs of cereal boxes.”
  • “Older people read more than the youngest group, although even that group reads more than the thirtysomethings.”
  • “The rich outread the poor, and whites read about three times as much as those from the minority groups included in the statistics.”

[Tim credits the books-in-the-television image above to House of April, the blog of photographer April Chandler.]


One Response to How Much Time Each Day Do You Spend Reading?

  1. Brad Wirz says:

    It’s so hard to find clear stats on readership. If you believe what you read it seems that reading is dying, but then you see a study that says people’s reading habits increase dramatically when you switch to an E-reader. If you spend any time on airplanes you see that plenty of people are still reading… It’s just hard to back it up with hard facts.

    Thanks for posting. To answer your question, for me it’s probably 10-12 hours of real reading each week (no cereal boxes, as mentioned above).


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