Reading Books on Machines: A Fad or The Future?

Is resistance among some booklovers to e-reading akin to the widespread initial resistance to the effort to replace horsepower-based transport with the internal combustion engine? (Or, to frame it a completely different way: Were the Luddites right?)

There is abundant debate and speculation about this topic these days, what with multiple e-book reader manufacturers ever more persistently hawking their wares, touting the undeniable advantages of the format that could conceivably replace the familiar codex incarnation of The Book,  just as the codex replaced scrolls and scrolls replaced clay tablets.

Another sampling of various pros and cons of choosing machines over eyeballs  to accomplish all or most of one’s reading was recently posted to the website of the UK-based Guardian. The blogpost’s readers of course have posted their own opinions (and metaphors). 

It’s all very interesting.

And what do you think?

Found via Baby Loves Books (which also supplied the graphic above)


One Response to Reading Books on Machines: A Fad or The Future?

  1. Brad Wirz says:

    Great post. Reminds me of how the Romans used to shun advancements in technology largely because they had access to so much free slave labor. The idea of avoiding innovation just to protect the status quo just sounds silly to me…

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