Newest Fiction Bestsellers in Atlanta Libraries

Multiple copies of the following novels were recently shipped to most branch libraries of the Atlanta-Fulton Public Library System, including the Peachtree and Ponce branches.

If a title you’re interested in isn’t available when you visit, we invite you to place a Hold on that title so we can deliver the next available copy for you to pick up at the branch most convenient to you.

Titles are listed here in alphabetical order by the author’s last name.

Dead or Alive (Tom Clancy) – It’s been 30 years since Clancy’s Hunt for Red October burst onto the scene, and 16 years since his last book, so the arrival of a new Clancy thriller is big news.

To Have and To Kill (Mary Jane Clark) – Piper Donovan has just lost her role on a soap opera (her character was killed off).  With no other roles in sight, she moves back home and fills her time helping in her mother’s bakery.  The bakery gets the job of baking the wedding cake for one of Piper’s co-stars, but the murder of someone close to the bride soon finds Piper involved in the search for a killer.  This is the start of a new series by Clark, whose other series features TV news anchor Eliza Blake.

The Lake of Dreams (Kim Edwards) – From the author of The Memory Keeper’s Daughter: When Lucy was 17, she blew off her father’s invitation to go fishing on the lake.  He went alone, and drowned in an accident; Lucy’s been running from the guilt ever since.  Now circumstances call her home, where she reconnects to an old love and looks for relief from guilt in exploring family secrets. 

Lord of Misrule (Jaimy Gordon)This one recently won the National Book Award.  Gordon’s story examines the seamy side of horse racing.  When Tommy ships four unknown horses from his failing stable to a small track in West Virginia, his scheme is to enter them in cheap “claiming races” knowing full well they are better than the competing horses.  The trouble starts when assorted trainers, owners, bookies and gamblers figure out what Tommy plans to do. 

The Outlaws (W.E.B. Griffin) – When the president orders his super-secret antiterrorist unit to disband, Charley Castillo decides to keep it going with private funding.  Good thing too – because new threats to the U.S., from both new and old enemies, require Castillo’s attention.

The Radleys (Matt Haig) – Amusing literary fiction that takes on the current vampire craze.  Dr. Peter Radley, his wife Helen and their children Clara and Rowan live an average life in an English village until the night a drunken boy attacks Clara, who, much to her shock, sprouts fangs and goes in for the kill.  Her parents are forced to reveal their secret: they are vampires who have been trying to pass as human for the last 17 years.

The Judas Gate (Jack Higgins) – When NATO picks up radio chatter among the Taliban, and one of those speaking has an Irish accent, ex-IRA gunman Sean Dillon rounds up some of his old associates to help smoke out the traitor.

Dead Zero (Stephen Hunter) – The lone survivor of a team of Marine snipers charged with taking out a terrorist leader decides to complete the mission even though his enemy has changed sides to become an American ally.  It’s up to legendary Bob Lee Swagger to stop his comrade in arms.

Khan: Empire of Silver (Conn Iggulden) – Iggulden continues his series on the Mongol Empire.  In the latest installment, Genghis Khan is dead, and his sons and grandsons are circling each other, looking for an opportunity to seize power from Khan’s chosen heir.

Queen Hereafter (Susan Fraser King) – Medieval Scotland’s tribal conflicts are the background for this novel about the Saxon princess Margaret who makes an arranged marriage with the Scottish king Malcolm – the same Malcolm who has recently defeated Macbeth.

What the Night Knows (Dean Koontz) –Somebody is butchering entire families, recreating the crimes of the long dead spree killer Alton Blackwood. Homicide detective John Calvino senses that his wife and three children are in grave danger – just as his parents and sisters were the night they were slaughtered by Blackwood.

In Too Deep (Jayne Ann Krentz) – The latest Arcane Society novel finds Fallon Jones, an investigator of the paranormal, getting involved with his assistant.  Unbeknownst to Jones, she comes with some baggage that could get them both killed.

Naked Cruelty (Colleen McCullough) – Carmine Delmonico, police chief in a college town, is back for a third appearance. It’s 1968, and the campus of Chubb University is nearly as chaotic as the world outside.  There’s a serial rapist, gang violence, and a kidnapping.  Meantime, the pressure is revealing some fault lines within Delmonico’s police force.

Home Free (Fern Michaels) – The Sisterhood, a vigilante group of women who work outside the legal system to right wrongs, is now called into action by the President of the United States.

Threats at Three (Ann Purser) – Lois Meade’s village of Long Farnden may be bucolic and picturesque, but it’s no more immune than any other locale to the effects of self-interest.  The village’s hall is 100 years old; some residents want it restored, some want it torn down.  The quarrel ends in arson and murder, and Lois is right in the middle of it.


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