O Brave New Library…

Even without a single computer in sight, the interior of the Stockholm Public Library seems exceedingly futuristic, in that visually-spectacular-but-viscerally-discomfiting way a lot of recently-built libraries look, at least to some of bibliophiles. On the other hand, one really can’t defend the notion that the interior of every library must resemble the dining hall at Hogworts….

Found at Nigel Beale Nota Bene


2 Responses to O Brave New Library…

  1. susanchernitz says:

    This apparently was a concept for an as-yet unrealized expansion of the Stockholm Stadsbibliotek. The Stockholm City Council has now put plans on hold due to escalating costs and a crippling economy.

    Oh, and it’s Hogwarts. The dining hall of Hogwarts is modeled after the hall at Christ Church College in Oxford.

  2. Cal says:

    Thanks for the information about the Stockholm library. And also for the correct spelling of Master Potter’s alma mater. (My mispelling stems from not having read the books myself; my apologies to Ms. Rowling and to her legions of readers.)

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