What’s In a (Book’s) Name?

We’re could all probably name a few books we borrowed or bought completely because of their magnetic cover images.

The anonymous blogger at Bibliobio acknowledges – and provides examples of – a similarly superficial reason for favoring – at least initially – one book of the millions available for plucking: the book’s title.

After perusing the Bibliobio post and musing over your own degree of vulnerability to book titles, you might enjoy perusing the lists of unusual book titles posted here, here, and here – although some of these titles will surely strike some booklovers as repellent rather than magnetic!

If you have a favorite book whose title is part of the reason you number it among your faves, why not share that title with other readers by sending along that title in a Comment? Who knows – maybe your fave will become the fave of a fellow booklover somewhere?


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