How Many of These Exceptional U.S. Bookstores Have You Visited?

Every now and then, some website somewhere will post a list of superlative independently-owned U.S. bookstores that have somehow survived the steady disappearance of bookstores across the country over the past decade or so.  Here’s one recently-posted list, posted by Flavorwire.

No store in Atlanta (or, for that matter, the Southeastern U.S.) made Flavorwire’s list. There are plenty of us locals who still mourn the passing of some really wonderful bookstores here that might’ve made the cut if they’d survived to see 2010.

The good news, however, is that a few local stores seling used books still exist for those times when the booklover’s bookstore-visiting impulse becomes irresistable.

My own new favorite – discovered this past weekend during the 5th Annual Decatur Book Festival – is Books Again. Located on McDonough Street across the street from Decatur High School, Books Again is just what most bibliophiles hope for in a store selling used books: a maze of floor-to-ceiling shelves crammed with a wide range of intriguing, mostly hardbound books, reasonable prices, plus a helpful, friendly people behind the counter who know the store’s stock and how it’s arranged.

Books Again is listed along with the other Atlanta-area bookstores in this blog’s “Booklover’s Toolbox” (see the tab at the top of your screen). Let us know if we’ve missed any favorite stores you frequent, so we can keep our list current and complete.


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