Coming Soon: The 2010 Decatur Book Festival

Just a few weeks away now – throughout the entire Labor Day Weekend – this year’s Decatur Book Festival promises to be as exciting and rewarding as previous versions of the festival.

Even though the festivities are all within walking distance of each other, you won’t be able to attend all the different festival events – there are just too many of them! So you might want to take a gander at the festival’s schedule in advance, lest you find yourself spending too much time dithering between events about What To Do/Where to Go Next.

Also, although the tickets to the festival’s sure-to-be-sold-out  keynote at Agnes Scott are free, you’ll need to pick up those free tickets in advance.

What’s a book festival? Why attend one? The festival blog helpfully explains it all to you.

And as you’re creating your personal festival schedule, consider including a stop at the Friends of the Decatur Library’s Saturday morning book sale, on the lawn in front of the library building. You might want to bring along a book bag, to make it easier to schlep your book sale finds around the festival for the rest of the day.


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