Author Deaths in 2009

Among the famous and semi-famous writers who died in 2009 were:

Robert Anderson
J.G. Ballard
Courtland Bryan
Richard Carlson
Louise Cooper
Dominick Dunne
David Eddings
Philip Jose Farmer
Horton Foote
John Hope Franklin
Marilyn French
E. Lynn Harris
Paul Hemphill
Robert Holdstock
Claude Levi-Strauss
Norma Fox Mazer
Frank McCourt
Harold Norse
Budd Schulberg
William G. Tapply
John Updike

Legendary U.S. publisher Alfred Knopf also died this past year.

You can Google (or Bing) these names to find their obituaries, and you can find these writers’ works at most libraries.

List compiled from varied online sources


2 Responses to Author Deaths in 2009

  1. michael says:

    I notice that Keith Fleming, author of Boy With a Thorn in His Side, died in 2009. There are no comments. What happened?

  2. Cal says:

    Sorry, I’ve not been able to find any further information on Fleming’s death (other than the fact that it was a suicide). Perhaps more information will be forthcoming as Edmund White (Fleming’s uncle) and others agree to say more to inquiring journalists.

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