Online Exhibit of Van Gogh’s Letters

Booklovers fortunate enough to have read excerpts or entire collections of Vincent van Gogh’s letters will be thrilled to learn of the remarkable online exhibit of all of Van Gogh’s letters – over 900 of them – assembled by Amsterdam’s Van Gogh Museum.

The online exhibit, available to anyone with Internet access, is beautifully designed and remarkably thorough. The letters are searchable by keyword, by period, by correspondent, by place, and by whether or not they contain one or more sketches.


The exhibit, Van Gogh’s Letters: The Artist Speaks, contains numerous other features as well, such as essays explaining the importance of the letters, biographical information on Van Gogh and the people he wrote to and received letters from, a chronology, and a bibliography.

Lovers of Van Gogh’s paintings will appreciate his work even more after exploring the artist’s letters.  And for those who prefer to read those letters -or who might want to revisit the paintings – from a printed book, the Atlanta Fulton County Public Library System has several collections you can borrow.

Found at Peter Scott’s Library Blog


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