And a Good Time Was Had By All…

Decatur Book Festival 2009 002

The annual Decatur Book Festival keeps getting bigger and better every year. Up until mid-afternoon Sunday when temperatures climbed into the high 80s, even the weather was perfect this year.

Congratulations to the dozens of festival organizers and their hundreds of volunteers whose efforts contributed to a smoothly-run, impressively diverse, and fun-filled event;  to the many corporate, institutional, and individual sponsors and exhibitors who footed the bill so that the festival would be (mostly) free to festival-goers; and to the people, merchants, and government of Decatur for creating such a congenial, pedestrian-friendly environment.

Also, a personal thanks to inDECATUR blogger Dave Kell, who coordinated the festival’s Blogzilla tent and who invited the Atlanta Booklover’s Blog to join the other dozen or so Decatur- and book-related bloggers to publicize their blogs at this year’s festival.

A few snapshots from the weekend:

The crowds formed early on Saturday:
Decatur Book Festival 2009 001

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, a festival sponsor, encouraged festival-goers to post the book they’re currently reading, and many did! (We think this is a great idea for any future book- or library-related event!)
Decatur Book Festival 2009 003

The Atlanta-Fulton Public Library was a festival sponsor this year, and volunteer employees took turns throughout the weekend staffing the library’s festival tent. Among those representing AFPLS were (from left) Sylvia Cordell, Gayle Holloman, and Anne Haimes:

Decatur Book Festival 2009 004

You can find a lot more photos of this year’s festival at the festival’s blog.


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