Video Previews for New Books

Although video teasers for books were apparently invented back in 2002, their popularity has hardly reached taken-for-granted status among booklovers (or, for that matter, book selectors in libraries).

However, as more booklovers find additional ways to dovetail their bibliophilia with their Internet-surfing habits, video trailers for new books seem destined for a place alongside other tools in the online toolbox of computer-owning booklovers.

J’nai W, one of the good people who maintain the blog of the DeKalb County Public Library has plucked out of the thousands of book trailers out there the following excellent example:

J’nai also cited in her blogpost a website that consolidates lots of book trailers for a wide range of different types of books, both fiction and nonfiction. We realize that not all booklovers – even computer-owning, Internet-using booklovers – will want to incorporate YouTube into their arsenal of book-selection devices. But for those who are willing to experiment with this particular tool,  we’ve added the site, Books Screening, to the Atlanta Booklover’s Blog’s Booklover’s Toolbox (under the heading “Video Trailers for Books”).

If and when the watching of book trailers becomes routine, we hope someone, somewhere, will be willling to undertake producing them for books that are not “new.” Because, to cite one of the items included in this blog’s Bookish Quotes feature, “The oldest books are still only just out to those who have not read them.”  (Samuel Butler)


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