Are the People of Earth Ready for a Library-Themed Ice Cream Flavor?

While some of the rest of us weren’t paying attention, over four thousand bibliophilic ice cream lovers (or perhaps over four thosand ice cream-loving bibliophiles) have been suggesting names for a library-related new flavor for Ben & Jerry to unleash upon a hapless world.

There are countless people who have blogged about this unexpected (and, as far as we can tell, totally harmless) development in the annals of Internet Era “market research.” Nicholas Brisbanes’ recent blogpost  weighs in on his personal favorites among the name-that-new-flavor proposals; he also  provides links to the relevant websites, should you wish to enter the fray yourself on helping influence the upshot of this important issue.

Meanwhile, we’re glad we don’t have to choose among the many worthy suggestions. But let’s look on the bright side: perhaps the world will end up with more than one library-themed ice cream flavor!


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