Mysteries Minus the Violence* and Sex


*Other than the mysterious murder itself, of course.

A very popular – and very durable – sub-genre of mystery fiction is “the cozy.”

(If you don’t know what a cozy is, there’s a great operational definition here.)

Computer-owning fans of cozies will be glad to learn about The Cozy Mystery List, devoted exclusively to this type of book. The site’s features include:

  • annotated lists of books organized by author and by theme.
  • notices of newly-published cozies.
  • a list of award-winning cozies.
  • lists of movies and TV shows based on cozy mystery novels.

As it happens, the Ponce Branch’s fiction collection includes a remarkable number of cozies, new and old, that you can borrow, and you can borrow (by placing Holds on them) virtually any cozy title from the even larger collection at the Central Library.


2 Responses to Mysteries Minus the Violence* and Sex

  1. The Berkley Crime Fiction with the hand print on the spine is a good source as well. I enjoy the Cleo Coyle Coffee Shop Series and (same author) Alice Kimberly’s Haunted Bookshop Series.

    Thanks for your post, your blog is quite handy.

  2. Rhea Jones says:

    I haven’t really read many cozy mysteries, except maybe Agatha Christie when I was in school. I can see why the relatively light hearted cozies appeal to readers, though I am not sure it is my cup of tea.

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