Dozens of “Most Memorable Books” Lists

One of the most-replicated “thought experiments” flying around the Internet recently was a challenge to quickly list fifteen books that have proved to be the most enduringly memorable. Booking Through Thursday was one of many blogs that threw out this challenge to its readers, and so far over 170 of them have responded with their lists of favorites.

If you’re the kind of person who maintains a “To Read” list, you might want to scan through these responses for potential titles…and/or respond to the “Sticky Titles” challenge with your own Favorite 15.


Author: Cal Gough

Cal Gough is a retired librarian who formerly managed a branch of the Atlanta-Fulton County Library System.

One thought on “Dozens of “Most Memorable Books” Lists”

  1. The most memorable book I just finished reading was “Handle with Care” by Jodi Picoult. I have read her “My Sister’s Keeper” and another one, but this one really hit me hard. I have always been against abortion as a Christian, but do I have the right to tell another what to do? What if the child will have no happy life? If the birth destroys a family? It really made me think, was really heavy and sad, and showed what lengths someone will go to even to lie, to get help for a sick child.

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