Is It Reading We Like – or Is It the Stories?

Although “talking books” (aka audiobooks)have been around for decades, attitudes about and practices among readers vary widely.

Some of us occasionally – or even frequently – “listen” to some books while choosing to read others with our eyeballs. Other readers can’t even imagine enjoying earphone-enabled “reading,”  much less making it a habit.

One reader, a Dickens devotee, decided to try an experiment to test out the durability of her own preference for getting her fiction via the printed word. Earlier this month, she posted her interesting (and well-written) report to the Chronicle of Higher Education.

What about you? Do you listen to books as well as read them? If so, we invite you to share your “book listening” patterns – or “conversion expereiences” with your fellow blog-readers.

Found via LIS News


2 Responses to Is It Reading We Like – or Is It the Stories?

  1. Peter W says:

    When I had a much longer commute I used to listen to a lot of books on CD. Now my commute is shorter and I listen to the radio (including Book Radio on Sirius Satellite). But I enjoyed the audio book experience. I just don’t have opportunities to spend the time listening as I used to. I much prefer reading a printed book.

    One of the best audiobooks I recall was Angela’s Ashes, read by the author, Frank McCourt. I later read the book but felt that his intonations made the audio version even better.

    Thanks for this blog!

  2. I listen to audio CDs all the time…either in the car or when I’m cleaning, cooking, etc. I don’t have as much time to read, so listening allows me to still enjoy books. I have to second what Peter W says, hands down — Angela’s Ashes is one of the best. I was fortunate enough to be in Frank’s Memoir writing workshop at the Southampton Writers Conference in 2007. I told him I loved his audio book; he said that they fought him on it, they wanted to hire someone else to read it. I couldn’t imagine anyone else performing it. After taking it out of the library, I had to go to the book store and buy it so I could listen to it whenever I wanted. He even signed it for me!

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